Frisky & Anjoy

Frisky & Anjoy (F&A) is a Helsinki-based independent, non-partisan think tank, and research organization dedicated to being a resource for government officials, business executives, journalists, educators and students, NGOs, and other interested citizens in order to help them better understand the complex societies creating better policies that improve the well-being of citizens and competitiveness of SMEs. Frisky & Anjoy is specialized in strategic evaluation of development and innovation policies.

We strive for excellence at all times. This is why we have created a service charter. Your experience with us should be productive, valuable and fun. Our charter reflects this and helps to ensure we always maintain our high level of customer service standards.

Our service stipulates that we stand by our responsibility to:

Reliable Performances

Provide high standards of guidance, support, and delivery. We are dedicated to providing ethical, quality service that delivers the best level of support you seek, with the intention to exceed expectations whenever possible.

Working on all levels

Commit to clear, courteous communications. We address requests with promptness, and respond in a polite, friendly, and respectful way.

Beneficiary Centered

Respond promptly to all inquiries. We commit to replying to all voice mails and emails within one to two working days, and other written correspondence within five working days.

Meet the CEO, Petri Uusikylä

Petri Uusikylä has over 30 years experience in policy analysis, capacity building and evaluation. He is co-founder and director at Frisky & Anjoy.


Dr. Uusikylä has a comprehensive list of publications (more than 150 published articles, books and research reports) in the fields of public budgeting, policy evaluation and methodology, European policy-making and public managements reform and development aid. He has given several training courses on project management, EU-policy making, statistical methods, data analysis and survey techniques. He has also been consulting and given a number of training courses on evaluation and performance management in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary and other OECD-countries.


Completed evaluations on policies, programs, and projects


Days of training sessions and coaching events


Strategies for NGOS and Public Sector organizations


Published articles, books and academic research reports


Papers presented in international and national conferences